Finalizing Gradebook and solving calculation issues.

Make sure all columns have the correct number of available points:

  1. You can hover your cursor over the top cell in any grade center column to view the maximum number of available points for that item.
    gradebook 1
  2. To change the number of available points for an item, click the edit arrow for the column and choose “Edit Column Information,” then change the value in the Points Possible field to the desired value.

Check to make sure any columns you do not want the students to see are hidden from users:

  1. Columns hidden from users will be marked with a diagonal red line in the title cell.
    gradebook 2
  2. To hide or show the selected column, click the edit arrow and choose “Show/Hide from Users” to toggle between visible and hidden.

Delete or hide any unused columns:

  1. If there are columns in your grade book that you do not use at all, you can delete the column by clicking the edit arrow and choosing “Delete Column.”
    gradebook 3
  2. Some Grade Center columns (such as the default “Total” column) cannot be deleted, you can hide these by clicking the edit arrow and choosing “Hide Column” to remove it from your Grade Center view.

gradebook 4

Note: To view hidden columns, Click the Manage tab in the grade center and choose “Column Organization.” Here you can find all existing grade center columns, hidden and visible.

Exclude any ungraded assignments from grade center calculations:**
You can exclude a column if you have an assignment that you would like to show a score for, but not include in the students’ final average. This is also useful if you have used a category in a calculated column, but need to exclude one item from that category as a result of course delays, etc.

  1. Click the edit arrow for the column you wish to exclude and choose “Edit Column Information” from the menu.
  2. The option to include or exclude the item from grade center calculations can be found under option 3.

Making a single user exempt from an assignment:

  1. If there is a single student you would like to exempt from an assignment, click the edit arrow in the cell corresponding to that student in the desired grade center column.
  2. Choose “Exempt Grade” from the drop-down menu.